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Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Shortland Chartered Accountants offer a complete range of accounting services. Unlike specialists with a narrower focus, e.g Taxation Accountants we are true business advisors able to help you make better decisions about your business, investments or personal finances.

Financial Reporting/Taxation

Shortland Chartered Accountants will provide the professionally qualified resource as a team to meet annual financial reporting and Income Tax filing requirements. Often this extends from records maintained on cloud-based accounting systems or can involve working from your original records through to providing support for your own financial people using an in-house system.

We have experience serving clients from in a wide range of industries and roles ranging from:

  • Employees

    Our private clients include people who are or have been employed in a business or other organisation. Within those roles they may be involved in business or profit participation arrangements, ownership succession planning, international placements, or business expansion opportunities. Beyond those roles advice and support may be needed for investment portfolios, property interests, asset protection, or family matters. We have expertise in advising clients to meet their needs and aspirations in these areas.
  • Private businesses

    We are dedicated to providing a high level of technical and commercial advice to help clients achieve the outcomes they are seeking in their businesses. This includes support in developing and implementing strategy, operational improvement, management reporting design, and compliance with taxation or other regulatory financial and secretarial reporting obligations. We have a long term commitment to the profession and will be there for our clients.
  • International businesses

    Where an overseas-based organisation needs support in establishing or operating the financial or secretarial functions of its New Zealand subsidiary, branch, or agency our service will link with head office operations and advisors. We can provide the resources to deliver financial reports for both New Zealand compliance purposes and to respond to international reporting requirements.
  • Investment portfolios

    Most portfolios include a variety of local and international debt and equity securities. Income tax reporting requirements are not straight forward. We have strong experience and interest in this sector. This includes working with legal and financial advisors on the establishment and operation of structures and financial reporting to support wealth creation, protection, and succession.
  • Property investors

    We act for a large number of clients who hold investment property portfolios. Amanda Watt is a board member of Auckland Property Investors Association and a leading presenter to audiences in this area. Investors are required to deal with several significant aspects of tax compliance and we are very familiar with supporting those.
  • Professional practices

    We work with professional practices across a range of disciplines and sizes and understand the need for efficient, responsive personal service. We understand the importance of well-designed recording and reporting systems for achieving high performance. Alongside this the structure of practice activities and the discrete arrangements for associated partner interests need careful consideration to achieve both practice and personal goals.


As business advisors, we support clients from start up to sale with business planning and management reporting to set and implement strategy. This includes compiling financial budgets and models to reflect possible performance.

  • Cash flow management

    Cash flow management is vital for the sustainability and growth of a business. It requires the right relationships with customers and suppliers and well-designed systems to monitor activity. We work with clients to ensure these are developed to suit their objectives.
  • Supporting information for finance applications

    The quality and usefulness of financial reporting is essential to building understanding at Board level and this flows into the relationships which can be developed with banks. We are dedicated to achieving high standards in our year end compilation work and our advisory role. This enables us to more easily provide advice and support in dealing with internal finance functions, bankers, finance brokers, ownership interests not involved in management, and legal advisers to establish and maintain credit lines and succession planning.
  • Succession planning

    Succession in business ownership is a challenge most easily resolved by maximising business value. An attractive business will possess both financial and cultural attributes which will determine how easy it is to transition to a new owner, whether a competitor, an investor, management, or the next generation. Our experience with these issues across a variety of industries is used to develop businesses fit for the future

We encourage regular discussions to review performance and to consider new information, opportunities and issues.

We have deep experience in providing owner-operated businesses with the structures and systems essential for successful operation. The solutions are unique and often simple. Arriving at those solutions requires careful listening, sustainable financing relationships, and collaboration with legal advisors.


In addition to our other accounting services, we can support the collection, reporting to and dealing with Inland Revenue regarding assessment of information for Goods and Services Tax.

We work with your team to support GST filings, or we can be your team to put that information together. We can attend to lodgings, deal with assessments and inquiries from Inland Revenue.

  • Resident Withholding Tax

    There is a requirement to deduct RWT from certain interest payments, particularly in related party financing arrangements. These requirements need to be monitored to ensure timely lodging of returns and payments.
  • Non-Resident Withholding Tax

    These obligations arise for interest and certain other payments to overseas parties and, as with RWT, create filing obligations., and Pay As You Earn filings. We can also support processing of smaller payrolls.
  • Payroll

    We provide an outsourced payroll processing function suitable for smaller businesses. This includes preparation and filing of PAYE returns.
  • Records and registers

    We maintain trust and company secretarial records, including annual return and other Companies Office filings.
    We maintain registers which are required under the Companies Act and the minutes required for company and trust financial statements. We also act as registered office for some of our client companies.